Second Week Struggles

“If you seek the happiness of love, let go of love and trust to luck. Then the two will get together of their own accord, and make more than one person happy.”

2016-03-12 16.27.25 copy


I hate to be Debbie Downer, but between getting sick and having to deal with official documents, my second week was kind of rough. It’s also my excuse for being late with this blog post. Though I also admit that I’ve been watching too much Netflix. (I had to make up for last month with so little internet.)

Everything is slowly getting worked out with the documents, which is only to be expected. So besides class, Netflix, and sleep, I didn’t do too much this week.

This weekend’s excursion was to the Oldenwald region to see the Felsenmeer. That literally means “sea of rocks.” Because of cool science things like Continental Drift and magma and the Ice Age and erosion, the Felsenmeer exists. Essentially its a lot of huge boulders that go a couple miles up the side of a mountain. It had been a while since I rock scrambled, but it was a lot of fun!

IMG_7092Below me…

IMG_7093Above me!

After that we went to the Glücksfabrik, which essentially translates to Happiness Factory. Its a factory for the company Koziol, which makes various plastic objects. It’s all decently made stuff, but unless you want fun colors for your kids, there’s nothing special about the products themselves. The cool part is the company and how everything is made.

2016-03-12 15.47.45 copy2016-03-12 16.15.30 copyThe first Koziol plastic press…and the modern version.

Koziol is one of two main factories in the Oldenwald area, and is a significant source of jobs for the region. Another plus is that they’re dedicated to being entirely German-made instead of outsourcing and they’re also super green: all of their products are recyclable and they stick to plastic because its greener to make than most other materials.

2016-03-12 16.21.16

Everything is recyclable because each item is made out of only one type of plastic. Theoretically everything made out of plastic in the whole world could be totally recyclable, so it seems stupid to me that its so complicated to recycle in the US.

2016-03-12 15.55.25 copyKoziol also created the snow globe!

Anyway…if people want to buy me kitchenware or whatnot for my graduation next year, I’d be down with Koziol products. 🙂

Bis Bald,


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