Welcome to Gießen!

“If your Nerve fail you, go above your Nerve.” – Emily Dickinson

       2016-02-29 18.23.13 copy   2016-03-20 19.20.25
Before and after pictures…

My first day at Gießen was very low key. My Study Buddy, Anna, picked me up at the train station and we unpacked my stuff in my dorm. She helped me shop for some groceries and other things I needed. That night, she invited me over for dinner and I met her boyfriend Tim. We ate pizza and watched German dubbed Grey’s Anatomy.

The next day was an introduction to the Spring Course. We took language tests and went on a scavenger hunt around Gießen. In the evening we all had free beers at the Lokal International, which is a bar/event place for all the international students. They have a lot of board games, too!

Wednesday was the start of class. I have two teachers, Sonya for MWF and Anya for TR. They’re both very good and I’ve been learning a lot this month. I’m still in B1, but that’s alright with me.

Anna also introduced me to some of her friends. She invited me to a billiards (pool) night at one of the local bars. They’re all very nice, but its hard to understand everything when they speak so quickly in German to each other. Its still good practice for me!

With the Spring Course, there are multiple weekend excursions. The first one was to a city called Wiesbaden. It’s the capital of Hessen, and the Bundesland’s parliament is housed there. We took a tour in the City Palace, which is the parliament building.




Then we had a few hours to explore the city. My friend Manuela and I didn’t feel like shopping, so we wandered around finding cool buildings and other sights.

IMG_7075Say hi to Schiller!

I’ve met a lot of people from everywhere in the world. It’d probably be too long and boring to write down everyone, so I’ll only do a few. I live with about 10 flatmates (everyone uses the word ‘flat’ here), who also come from all over. There are German, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, and Indian people just in my flat.

In terms of my friends at the Spring Course, I mostly hang out with people who are in the same dorm as me. Alberto is one of my flatmates and his friend Juan lives downstairs. They’re both from Spain and are Engineering majors. Monica is from Mexico. She’s a Psych major and is in the C1 class, so we talk a lot in German. Manuela comes from Columbia and she’s a Philosophy major.

Of course, there’s a lot of other people — I am actually trying to be social on this trip — but I can’t list everyone here.

Bis Bald,


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